Event Details

Timed event:$15.00

Stock events:$20.00

Steer Riding:$50.00




    1. Pole Bending 6 and Under
    2. Pole Bending 7-8
    3. Goat Tail Untying 7 & under (no cross entries in goats)
    4. Boys/Girls Goats 8 and under
    5. Barrel Racing 6 & under
    6. Barrel Racing 7-8
    7. STEER RIDING 14 & Under
    8. Breakaway Roping 13-14
    9. Breakaway Roping 11-12
    10. Breakaway Roping 10 & under
    11. Team Roping 14 & under
    12. Boys Goat Tying 9-11
    13. Boys Goat Tying 12-14
    14. Girls Goat Tying 9-10
    15. Girls Goat Tying 11-12
    16. Girls Goat Tying 13-14
    17. Barrel Racing 9-10
    18. Barrel Racing 11-12
    19. Barrel Racing 13-14
    20. Pole Bending 9-10
    21. Pole Bending 11-12
    22. Pole Bending 13-14


              • Steer Riders
                • You must have a certified vest & full face helmet in order to compete.
                • If you have questions about the Steer Riding Please Call Ty Elliott 403-336-3502
                • Steer Riding Clinic November 3rd and 5th 2017
            • Age Group
              • The age group you are entered in at the first rodeo is the age group you will stay in for the entire season!
              • No changing age groups.
        • Number of Rodeos
          • Attendance at a certain number of rodeos only matters for the saddle draws.
          • If the contestant attended 5 out of 6 rodeos, they will be entered in the saddle draws.
          • ALL kids eligible will be entered in the draw – this is just a perk for everyone who comes and competes!
          • Contestants are welcome to attend as many rodeos as they can throughout the season. Regardless of your attendance, all kids are welcome to come and compete at the final rodeo and receive awards.
      • Dress Code
        • Full rodeo attire mandatory.
        • This means a long sleeved western shirt with collar & cuffs, as well as a cowboy hat or helmet.
    • Team Ropers
      • Due to so many entries in the team roping, you can only enter once.
      • If you do not have a team roping partner, but want to rope, Small  Spurs will match you up with someone during entries. If there is no one left to match you up with, we will draw from the already entered headers or heelers.
      • If you are already entered & are drawn as a partner you will have the option to accept the draw.
      • Entry fees for the “drawn” partner are waived.
      • You can only make points with your entered partner, BUT, you can still make money with your drawn partner.
  • Box Stalls
    • If you use a stall the cost is $25.
    • Stall rental fee can be paid at the Small Spurs office.

email: office@smallspursrodeo.ca        phone: 403-336-3501