Q. Can I Lead line?

A. Attention 6 & Under Parents:
Last year our Association made a decision to accept 6 & Under Leadline/assisted kids in an effort to grow our membership and the sport of rodeo. This program is ever evolving and as a result some rules and guidelines need to be put in place to ensure safety and fairness to all competitors and their families. Keeping in mind that our priorities continue to be “safety” and “Athletic Development” of our competitors.
Effective Immediately: In an effort to grow our membership and the sport of rodeo, we will continue to accept both Leadline and Unassisted Kids in the 6 & Under Age Group. However, if a rider is Led, or assisted in the ring by a parent/handler in ANY capacity, they will not qualify for rodeo points, payout or year end prizes. If a rider graduates part way through the year to being unassisted, only their points while totally unassisted in the arena will count for points, payout and year end prizes. We encourage parents to work with your children to get them riding independently, safely on their own and at a pace that they are comfortable with. Only 6 & Under Participants who are totally UNASSISTED in the rodeo arena will be able to qualify for points, payout and year end prizes. Leadline participants can qualify for Saddle Draws if they attend the required number of rodeos (5 out of 6). Leadline Participants will receive a special “bucket of goodies” for their participation at the year end awards if they attend 5/6 rodeos.
We thank you all in advance for your feedback, support and encouragement for these kids!



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