Q: Can we pay by cheque?

A: No, SSR has a cash payout every rodeo we need cash to pay our winners!

Q: What if I miss entries?

A: unfortunately if you miss entries we cannot let you enter.

Q: How do I know if my online entry worked?

A: After filling out the personal information and clicking “agree” the following page will show you a recap of what you have entered, scroll down and click “proceed to confirmation and receipt” there you will see a large conformation number looking like this.  EL47813N81864  If you don’t see this number you are NOT entered.  Call for help before entries have closed if you’ve tried and still can’t get it.

Q: What if I enter an event and choose not to do it the day of the rodeo, can I get my money back?

A: You can turn out up to the Friday night before the rodeo with no fee (if rodeo is Sunday you must cancel Saturday night). After Friday all fees must be paid. SSR is organized, turning out of an event on the day of the rodeo makes it hard for the office to cancel out the judge’s sheets, timer sheets and announcer sheets. It also makes to frustrating for fellow competitors to know what number they are out on the draw.

Canceling Rodeos

Q: What temperature will SSR cancel the rodeo?

A: SSR will cancel the rodeo if the www.weathernetwork.com says it will be -20 or colder on the day of (SSR committee will decide further details) If you feel its dangerous (roads, visibility ex.) to attend please stay home. (Please remember bad roads in your location might not be bad roads for another location)

Q: Will we have another rodeo to make up for the cancelled one?

A: Not likely, Claresholm Agriplex is a very busy location and might not have extra weekends available. Also SSR is run by TWO very busy families and trying to organize a new rodeo weekend would be very difficult.

Non-profit Organization

Q: Who runs SSR?

A: SSR is run by ONLY TWO families, Matt and Jenessa McNichol a family with four kids, and Ty and Haley Elliott a family with two kids. We share the love of rodeo and building cowboys and cowgirls to be tough rodeo athletes and excel in rodeo long term.

Q: Where is the SSR office?

A: SSR does not have an “office” it is all done from our homes, please remember this when calling our personal cell phones.

Age Groups

Q: What age group do I put my kid in?

A: As of September 1st 2018. However old your child is is the age group you put them in, no exceptions.

Q: The new age group is 15 – 16 year olds why can’t they win year end awards?

A: In 2017-2018 SSR had 22 events (23 with heading and heeling) we gave awards up to 5th place for the year end points. That is a total of 115 event awards not including all around and runner-up all around in each age division also we give away 2 draw saddles and 5 Rising Star buckles.   Our goal is to provide a place for the 15 & 16 year-olds to stay competitive throughout the winter season. It will be a jackpot each rodeo allowing them to win day money.


Team Roping

Q: I don’t have a roping partner what do I do?

A: we encourage you to find a partner, post on social media or call to friends, but if that still doesn’t help write DRAW in the box that you need. Ex. If I head I write my name in the heading entry and write DRAW in the Heeling side.

Q: When I write DRAW who picks my partner?

A: The office staff will simply go down the list and place you with another person opposite of what you rope Ex. If you head I’ll look for someone who heels who asked for a DRAW. If all the DRAW partners don’t match up (typically we have more heelers needing partners then headers) I will go down the already entered list of headers and place someone with you.

A: If both partners asked for DRAW both will make points and money. If the DRAW partner is chosen (and is already roping with an entered partner) they can win money if they pay into the pot but they CANNOT win points. Please call if you have questions

Q: Can my 11 year old rope with my 15 year old?

A: No, because we are only doing points for the 14 & under contestants, it would (should) be an advantage to rope with an older contestant. We would like to keep these already set events the same as the previous years.

Q: What if my 11 year old kid doesn’t care about points can they rope with my 15year old?

A: NO, team roping is already very difficult to track for points and payout. 15 and 16 year olds must and only rope together no exceptions.  We will discuss and review at the end of 2018-2019 season.



Q: In the barrel racing or pole bending do you rake after 5 on the program?

A: NO, SSR rakes after 5 on the ground. Please pay attention and listen to your name. We do not rake for the 6 & under age group.


Q. Can I Lead line?

A. Attention 6 & Under Parents:
Last year our Association made a decision to accept 6 & Under Leadline/assisted kids in an effort to grow our membership and the sport of rodeo. This program is ever evolving and as a result some rules and guidelines need to be put in place to ensure safety and fairness to all competitors and their families. Keeping in mind that our priorities continue to be “safety” and “Athletic Development” of our competitors.
Effective Immediately: In an effort to grow our membership and the sport of rodeo, we will continue to accept both Leadline and Unassisted Kids in the 6 & Under Age Group. However, if a rider is Led, or assisted in the ring by a parent/handler in ANY capacity, they will not qualify for rodeo points, payout or year end prizes. If a rider graduates part way through the year to being unassisted, only their points while totally unassisted in the arena will count for points, payout and year end prizes. We encourage parents to work with your children to get them riding independently, safely on their own and at a pace that they are comfortable with. Only 6 & Under Participants who are totally UNASSISTED in the rodeo arena will be able to qualify for points, payout and year end prizes. Leadline participants can qualify for Saddle Draws if they attend the required number of rodeos (5 out of 6). Leadline Participants will receive a special “bucket of goodies” for their participation at the year end awards.
We thank you all in advance for your feedback, support and encouragement for these kids!



email: office@smallspursrodeo.ca        phone: 403-336-3501